A “Paw”rites Life For Me

In our home, we live by a few simple rules.

    •  Work Hard
    •  Respect Others
    •  Live Without Regret
    •  Kiss Slowly
    • Rescue Dogs & Show Them Love

When we adopted Charlie, we had no idea what a funny little pup we were bringing home. Today, we cannot imagine life without him. He is such a big part of the family that we set out to build him his very own pool float. In the summer we can be found in the water and we wanted him to enjoy that time with us.

    • Time – 90 mins
    • Cost – $30
    •  Skill Level – Intermediate

This project will take you through the steps needed to build a sturdy pool float for your four-footed friend. The float is made of pool noodles that have been reinforced with PVC pipe.

I’ve posted this project on the Instructables website. You can find the tools, materials, and a step by step guide HERE.

Happy Building!

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