Rookie BBQ – Smoked Pork & Bourbon Apple Slaw

I am always ready to try something new and I LOVE to cook. It was probably the combination of those two traits that caused me to randomly purchase a charcoal smoker from Amazon. I would be lying if I said wine was not also a factor in that decision.

I have a mix of fascination and fear when it comes to BBQ. I am intoxicated by the aroma that fills the air during the summer and the amazing flavors produced by a skilled pitmaster. At the same time, I have always hesitated to step up to the grill myself. I envision giant fireballs and smoking lumps of meat that have been charred beyond recognition.

The aromas won in the end and I was determined to create something worthy of that beautiful pink smoke ring.

  • Time – 11 hours
  • Cost – Varies based on the size of the pork shoulder and if a smoker is needed
  •  Skill Level – Intermediate

This project is not for the faint of heart. It is a serious time commitment but the end result is absolutely worth it.

I’ve posted this project on the Instructables website. You can find the tools, materials, and a step by step guide to producing your BBQ masterpiece HERE.

Happy Smoking!

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